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What is coaching?

It probably means a lot of things to many people. At Karl’s Coaching, we see coaching as companionship which is expressed in several ways:

  • We believe that stories are sacred. By sharing our stories, we hope they will inspire you to positive change in your life or just encourage you to examine your life more deeply.

  • We share our lives through our podcasts, blogs and books. These are all ways to share our story and encourage others. It is possible that parts of our story will resonate with yours and inspire you to find your way home.

  • Karl has years of training in spiritual leadership coaching, spiritual direction and pastoral counseling. He is able to lead coaching sessions, holy listening groups, focusing sessions and shadow work.

We also believe that you have a deep and abiding sense of what you need, so we won’t try to market what we want to you – we’ll let you tell us what you we can do to help you.


Karl and Laura

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A coach can help encourage and guide us to make those changes that we may even already know to make.

Karl’s Coaching would love to be a part of your journey…